Streets and Alleys

Streets and Alleys-To begin select a “Seeker” and a “Truth.”  All other players form ranks by standing in equal lines with their arms extended sideways or shoulder high. The seeker then chases the muse.  At a signal from you, all the people in rows turn a quarter turn right blocking the progress of the seeker and muse.  At the signal “Streets” the people in rows face you and form the lines you put them into originally.  At the Signal “Alleys” The people turn the quarter to the right.  Neither a seeker nor Muse can crash through a roadblock.  When the seeker tags the muse the both may choose their own replacements. Below is a diagram to help:


Adapted from:

Spolin, Viola. Theater Games for the Classroom: A Teacher’s Handbook. Evanston, IL: Northwestern UP, 1986. Print.


Great for the themes of: Evil, Preparation, Truth

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