What are you doing?

What are you doing? To begin this game, separate the larger group into groups of 5-10.  They will need to be in a circle.  Explain that they will be using mime to create solutions to big problems.  The first person in the circle begins to mime an action to solve a big problem.  The next person in the circle asks “What are you doing?”  The person miming gives that person an action that would solve a problem.  The second person now begins to mime that action.  The third person in the circle now asks “What are you doing?”  and the game moves around the circle in this way.  For example:

Person 1: Begins miming building a house for the homeless

Person 2: What are you doing?

Person 1: I am finding water for someone that has none.

Person 2: Begins miming finding water.

Person 3: What are you doing?

Person 2: Giving someone who needs it a hug.

Person 3: Begins miming hugging.

And so on around the circle.  It might behoove you to play a round doing normal actions to get them in the mode of mime.  Things like baking a cake, brushing teeth, playing soccer, etc.


Great for the themes of: Compassion, Creativity, Imagination, Justice, and Preparation.

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