Changing Three

Changing Three

To begin this exercise, have the group divide up into pairs.  All the pairs will do the exercise simultaneously.  Have the partners choose who will go first and who will go second.  Once that is decided, the person going second will observe their partner noting their dress, accessories, shoes, etc.  Then the second person will turn around and close their eyes.  The first person will now make three changes to their appearance.  Untie a shoe, move their watch, move a beret, take off their glasses, etc.  When they are ready, they will have their partner turn back around and see if they can find the three changes.

Once the first pair has switched so both people could guess, have the pairs mix up and try it with a new person.

In reverence, talk about noticing changes.  Were big changes or little ones harder to see?  Did you find you got better at observing as the exercise went on?  How are you at noticing changes in your life?

Adapted from:

Spolin, Viola. Theater Games for the Classroom: A Teacher’s Handbook. Evanston, IL: Northwestern UP, 1986. Print.


Great for the themes of: Change, transcendence/transformation, and insight.

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