Divine Dance

On this page you can find music for each of the Whole Souul Living themes.  Click on a cycle below to begin.

Click on a theme to get a playlist of songs for that theme.  Playlists were created on Spotify a free music sharing site.  The playlists are collaborative so feel free follow the list to add songs that you feel fit the theme!

Cycle One

Learning and Growth, Spiritual Practices (i.e. Prayer), Wisdom, Mysticism, Justice, Grace, Memory and Hope, Covenant, Community, Truth, Insight, and Simplicity

Cycle Two

Vision, Transcendence/Transformation, Preparation, Divinity, Economy, Evil, Common Ground, Creativity, Change, Myth, The Sources, Hospitality.

Cycle Three

Freedom, Scripture, Generosity, Salvation, Peace, Brokenness, Imagination, Compassion, Vocation, Liberation, Forgiveness, Ultimacy

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